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explodes on the phone at robert kennedy and kennedy is so taken aback that he hands the phone over to burke marshall. this anger that had been building, frustration over moderate whites saying go slow, be cautious, don't push things, was all embodied in the eight white ministers who basically said nothing about love the negro because he is your brother. these are clergyman simply ising protest is extreme, violent, it causes bad feelings. a new be -- wait because administration will come along and it just got to king. as white walker put it, his cup of endurance runneth over. that is why the letter is so important t. it was not just the clergy. it was his view of the kennedy administration and a nation that was not willing to become indignant over the affection of their black brothers and sisters. >> let's move to another group that you mentioned earlier in this conversation. the african-american preachers, black preachers, negro, colored at the time. this is a part of history that isn't known so well. there is a sense that king was the crÈme de la creme and that every black church in ameri
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)